Monday, April 23, 2012

Meghan Does Spring Break In Roatan

We love having our daughters visit. It's spring break at school so Meghan decided to join us for some warm weather and beautiful water. Welcome aboard Meghan!

First things first....who is browner? 

Meghan decided to learn how to dive. She is not grading papers from her students but doing chapter 1-4 in the PADI dive book. The rest of us are drinking beer, eating pizza and trying our best to annoy her.

Later in the week she goes to Anthony Cay Resort to play with the dolphins. The boat next to us in the anchorage also has visitors and by sheer chance they all end up in the same small group with Meghan. Center of the group in the blue t-shirt is the dolphin trainer.

The gang walks the plank

Soon they are in the water getting acquainted with some of the friendliest creatures in the ocean. The dolphins here seem genuinely content. Everyday the trainers open the gates to the ocean and the dolphins are free to leave the enclosure. The trainers go out in boats and the dolphins join them for diving and training.    At the end of the training the dolphins all come back through the gate, they sometimes bring friends from the wild but they never leave.

Within  15 minutes Meghan has figured out how to get a kiss from this dolphin. She is a quick learner.

And hold on for a ride

And a push on the feet through the water.

What's not to love here?

Back on board ship Meghan brings me a real surprise. A book written by our good friend Renee on Jacumba. No, the title is not about us but it could be!

Before we know it Meghan is heading back to San Diego. And it is not a day too soon. A cold front from the USA moves into the area and we are no longer in paradise.

It is a mass exodus from our favorite anchorage at West End.

We join the other boats and head for shelter in French Cay Harbor.

In French Cay Harbor conditions are calmer and so we decide to drop into the deep blue.
For a little fun and exploration.

Who is that masked man?

Steve has become a great underwater photographer. Here is a Foureye Butterflyfish. 

A Spotted Drum.

Smooth Trunkfish

French Angelfish

Hawksbill Turtle

A Midnight Parrotfish

Coral nursery

Nassau Grouper

Another friendly turtle. Generally they are busy eating and are not bothered by us.

A curious lobster who knows he is in the Marine Park and safe from our spear :)

Spotted Eel

Atlantic Spadefish

Scrawled Filefish

In addition to exotic fish there is beautiful coral. It is an underwater spectacle. 

A Whitespotted Filefish in it's orange phase. This is the first time we have seen this fish in this particular color.

Soon Dana and her friend Kaily will come for a visit. They plan on becoming divers also. Stay tuned for some underwater pictures of the students and also the captain with his new haircut!