Friday, May 18, 2012

Dana and Kaily In Roatan

Guess who is coming for a visit?
Kaily and Dana leaving LAX.

West End Roatan. Let's get to work on the tan!

But first things first, the inaugural "getting wet".

It does not take long to get  "island style" just right.

Open Diver Certification Class, Day 1.

Mauricio gonna show you how....

Study study study

A little Kindle time inbetween.

And always hoping for the "green flash", not tonight.

Graduation day

And soon we are heading to the island of Utila to do some diving.

Wind is behind us so up comes the gennaker.

A perfect day for sailing.

We decide to spend the first night at the Southwest Cays.

Everybody in the water.

There are tons of dive shops in Utila. We head for Altons and we instantly like the people there. Thanks for the recommendation Fred and Kathy.

Utila has lots of restaurants and bars. RJ'S serves up some really good local food and our two favorite beers.

In between diving we discover our guests have hidden talents.

Look out Kate Winslet.

Definitely having a good time.
Loading up on the favorite brew, Salva Vida.
And the acrobats continue to show off .

Kaily dazzles us with her front flip.

That's a TEN.

Both Roatan and Utila have amazing diving.

Kaily looking over her shoulder...see something?

Following our DiveMaster, Lindsay, in Utila.

In between dives in Utila the dive boat comes upon a pod of over 100 dolphins. They stop and let us slide into the water, stealth like we swim with the Spinner Dolphins. This is a highlight for all of us. 

Hello Mr. Squid.
Curious Grouper

Good find Kaily, Flounder.


All hold hands now.

Showing off their newly acquired dive skills.

Taking a tour on land is always fun especially in a golf cart.

Utila has some beautiful beaches.

Most of the roads are dirt but it has not rained much recently so they are not mud roads and that we are thankful for.

Signs along the way amuse us.

And we check to make sure everyone obeys them.....yep, looks OK.

We were hoping this establishment was open but we are not sure it even exists?

The Jade Seahorse in Utila is not to be missed.

Owned by an artist, this unique tree-house bar, has platforms and sitting areas connected by bridges and walkways.

Decorated with glass of all kinds.

An unusual man with a wild imagination. We feel like we have dropped into the rabbit hole in Alice's Wonderland.
Just down the road is another unusual building but very tame compared to our previous stop.

Back on Roatan we have one more thing to do.

That's right.  We have to visit our favorite dolphin trainer at Anthony Cay Resort.

Anthony Cay Resort is beautiful. The only downside we can see to this place is the fact that is owned by the local Mayor and we do not like him but

The dolphin training center is amazing so here we are.
This dolphin training center take their dolphins out of their enclosed pens daily. Out into the big ocean.The dolphins are free to swim away, look for Willy or whatever, but they choose to return with the staff boats. Not sure what this means in dolphin but for this human it must mean they sort of like it here.

Who would not love a dolphin kiss?
Listen to those two laugh...

Having a chat with Kaily.

After a hard day of dolphin training a well deserved beer.

Or a Zombie on the beach (talking about the drink of course).

A good time was had by all.

A perfect end to a perfect vacation.

You two can crew for us anytime !