Friday, November 24, 2006


We have had some time to think about our last three weeks onboard Fine Line. Here are some of our favorite pictures.

This is our good friend George from Annapolis. We met George and his friend Jim in Norfolk Virginia. Jim is moving his boat to Marathon Fl. George is along to help Jim with the long journey. George introduced us to "Dark and Stormy". This is a great drink made with Ginger Beer and Dark Seal Rum.......unbelievable. Remember, all ginger beer is not alike!

Here is a picture of George and Jim aboard Jim's boat Sam Jam (30 foot Coronado). We are going through a Dismal Swamp Lock.

The lock raises the boat 8 feet and when the gates open you continue on to the next lock where you are lowered 8 feet. Just think, these locks have been around since 1805.

Beautiful scenery was everywhere. Glassy water, tall trees and narrow waterways could almost make you feel disoriented

We are counting the days until we are back on board.

Happy Holidays From the Captain and the the first mate.

Saturday, November 18, 2006

San Diego

We arrived home Friday 11/17 just in time to celebrate Meghan's birthday. She is 26 this did that happen? Seems like she was born not too long ago.

We will be heading back to Jacksonville on December 18th. Christmas will be in St. Augustine with Meghan and Dana.

Sue and Tony Farrow will join us for a few days of sailing and fun after January 1.

Last but not least, the big news is.....Steve retired!!!! He said goodby to Encinitas Fire Department after 32 years of service. It was a tough move but he did it gracefully with only a few tears. Now comes the next chapter as a full time sailor. Ahoy!

Sunday, November 12, 2006

Jekyll Island

We made it to Jekyll Island today (Sunday). The Island is beautiful. We borrowed bikes from the Marina and drove around the entire Island (almost). We will not be able to walk tomorrow but being on the water, walking is not much of a necessity.

We are getting close to Jacksonville and hope to arrive there on Monday or Tuesday. We will leave the boat there and return to San Diego on 11/17. We look forward to having Thanksgiving with our friends and family.

Christmas this year will be on our boat in St. Augustine, Florida. Meghan and Dana will join us for a little sailing and alot of sightseeing.

Sailing is still great but the weather needs to get a bit warmer. BRRRRRR!

Thursday, November 09, 2006

Heading South

Here are a few pictures of our neighbors in the Thunderbolt Marina/Boat Yard. There are more boats this size in the water around us. Fine Line looks small even with her main sail up.
Our engines have been serviced and have received a blue ribbon for cleanliness. Way to go Captain Clean. We are heading south tomorrow (Friday). We hope to make Jekyll Island this weekend.

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Savannah Georgia

Sunday afternoon we sailed out of Cape Fear and took a heading of 210 degrees(southwest). It was cold but by evening we had found the Gulf Stream and the 84 degree water. It was balmy and wonderful with a full moon shining down on us. We sailed all night, each of us taking a two hour watch. Our third crew member, Mr. auto pilot, did most of the work but we kept an eye out for pirates. Ha Ha

4 am we changed course and set our heading for Southern Georgia. By 8am the weather changed with increased winds and seas. The captain and crew felt a bit green around the gills but managed to choke down some oatmeal. The chop was 8-10 feet and the winds were blowing 25 knots. We reefed our main sail and continued on toward Georgia. Fine Line is a great surfing catamaran. We logged our top speed on the down side of a wave at 20.4 knots. We were consistently reaching 14-15 knots.

We were happy to finally reach the channel markers late in the afternoon. We cautiously motored to our destination in Thunderbolt GA. We are currently docked in a mega yacht boat yard with some amazing privately owned yachts: two sailing vessels over 160 feet and power yachts pushing 200 feet.

We plan to head south again soon and will be heading for Jekyll Island and then on to Jacksonville FL.

So far so good. We really like this sailing life. Steve is an incredible captain. He has navigated us safely from Virgina and never looses his cool. We have found ourselves in a few pickles but he always lands us safely at our destination. Anne has survived her first overnight sail and continues to perfect her crew duties. We look forward to seeing you onboard. Over and out.

Sunday, November 05, 2006

Cape Fear North Carolina

We are close to South Carolina finally. It has been a long trek thru North Carolina, beautiful but cold. We are really hoping for some warm weather soon. Wearing five layers hampers mobility. We have decided to head out of the ICW at Cape Fear. There is alot of boats heading south and the narrow waterways are crowded. There are also many low bridges that only open on the hour or half hour. Yesterday we got stuck for nearly two hours due to a fire on one of the barrier islands. The rule is if the fire department goes to the island the bridge cannot open until the fire department comes back to the mainland.

Cape Fear is a large shipping channel and despite it's name is a good place to enter the Atlantic Ocean. From there we will sail south past South Carolina to Jekyll Island in Georgia. We will spend a few days recovering and warming up before we head for Jacksonville Florida. Over and out.

Thursday, November 02, 2006

Oriental North Carolina

We are still in North Carolina. We are traveling about 50 miles per day so it takes awhile to get anywhere. Monday night we were in Elizabeth City. This is the friendliest place you could imaging. To get into the city you must request the city bridge be opened. When it opens an alarm sounds, very similar to a volunteer fire department alarm. It makes you feel special! We were greeted at the city docks by a welcome group that helped us tie up and then invited us to attend the local "boating happy hour". It was hard to leave this place the next morning. But we did.

We traveled down the Pasquotank River into the Albemarle Sound. From there we entered the Alligator River (did not see any gators). We found a beautiful cove to anchor for the night. The next morning we headed thru another waterway into the Pungo River and then into the Pamlico Sound. This is low country and there are lots of shrimp boats around. Makes you think of Forest Gump. We motored thru the Goose River and found a great place to anchor in a maze of small rivers and lots of mosquitos. We did not realize the situation until we had about 1000 mosquitos in the boat. We spent the evening slapping them around. The good news was our TV reception was outstanding and we watched "Lost".

Thursday morning we headed down the Neuse River and into Oriental. The weather is getting chilly and we decided to treat ourselves at a marina. We borrowed two bikes and headed for town. It is a very small town with very friendly people and good shrimp. We asked the marina if we could borrow a bike lock and they said "why"????

The waterways are beautiful and enormous. We are in awe of the beauty every day. Over and out.