Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Living In Bonaire

Sometimes you get an invite from someone who actually lives in a house on the island. Wonderful. Let's go. Manuela and Sid, onboard Paradise, arranged a bus to take us up into the hills to the beautiful Villa Blue and they mixed a great batch of Rum Punch to get us there in style. Sir, please may I have some more?

Steve made sure the cups stayed full

Some got more than others but nobody kept score

We were thankful for our designated driver (who wouldn't be thankful for Eduardo)
Villa Blue is a spectacular home built by Randy and Lourae.

All materials used to build this house were shipped to the island. Most from the USA
Inside, outside, inside, outside....who cares

A great view

Back on our small boats we appreciate the day to day life of other islanders. Hanging out, cleaning some fish, life is good.

The ocean has many surprises like these small crabs that found their way up onto our swim step. They also found their way into our toilet where they got stuck and the smell was beyond description.....phewwww

In the water everywhere were small critters

A serious underwater menace in the Caribbean is the Lion Fish. Locally it is called the Pirate Fish of the Caribbean. It is a beautiful fish but don't touch it. The spines along it's back carry a wicked venom. It is an extremely painful encounter. The Lion Fish is native to the Indian and Pacific Ocean. A broken aquarium in Florida during Hurricane Andrew introduced about half a dozen Lion Fish to the Atlantic Ocean.The half dozen have been busy reproducing. Current studies have demonstrated a Lion Fish can kill 3/4 of a reef's fish population in just 5 weeks. Needless to say, there is a bounty on the head of each and every Lion Fish.

With all the underwater splendors available to us we decided it was high time we learned how to scuba dive. There are plenty of places that teach diving here. We picked Wanna Dive. Close to our boat and highly recommended. Good enough.
The setting is just right. A beach, a dock, great water

A watering hole

And lots of excitement about diving here

The classroom is a little unconventional

But we managed to pass the course along with our three Dutch friends.
Our instructor, Emma, is on the left.

So now we can jump off our boat and go diving. Starting with Bamboo right behind us and the two boats beyond that, we have a regular diving platoon.

Just gotta get all the gear together
See you under the water.
We are working on our underwater photography. Stay tuned.

Anne and Steve

S/V Fine Line