Tuesday, July 28, 2009

A Few Weeks In Carriacou: Part 1

We are at anchor in Tyrrel Bay, Carriacou. We are waiting for the Annual Carriacou Regatta to begin on Wednesday, 7/29. While we wait we begin working on boat projects, do some hiking, visit with friends and clean out boat lockers.

We find a few bottles of rum in the liquor cabinet but as we dig deep in other lockers we find more and more and more

Seems we have a rum-hoarder (rh) onboard. He has stowed bottles of rum in places even he no longers remembers

The Captain is found guilty as charged and is sentenced to a day of labor making conch horns for the Carriacou Children's Education Fund Steve makes great sounding horns. It begins with picking a nice looking shell. He only uses shells that are without animals, usually left on a deserted beach by local fishermen. The fishermen cut the shell to release the animal inside (It is a local delicacy).This cut must be covered and a new opening created for a mouthpiece. Done right, it makes a nice instrument.
We like Carriacou alot even though it is the rainy season and thus it is HOT and HUMID. We go hiking in the morning, looking for remote places to visit

There is not much traffic here, mostly foot traffic

Everything is green and lush. Corn plants are in most yards.

The Flamboyant Trees are blooming

Old building are decorated with colorful blooms

Paradise Beach

Stay tuned for more of Carriacou.
Anne and Steve
S/V Fine Line

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Traveling South, Take Two

This is beautiful Deshaies, Guadeloupe.There are not many boats here this time of year. Most cruisers have stashed their boats out of the hurricane zone. Many folks return to their home countries for the summer but others, like us, choose to stay and enjoy the lazy, sultry island summer. Our friends talk us into visiting the local botanical garden.

It is very very hot and we longingly gaze at this pond. Too bad it is full of Koi

With big lips

Steve takes lots of photos of the exotic plants....enjoy

A bird in paradise?

Friendly birds please don't #^%$$ on my head.

Orchid show


Grand finale

We hike in the rainforest and this time of year you are guaranteed rain in the forest.

Elephant ears the size of Jane

After a strenous day of hiking we enjoy a quiet evening on the bow of Fine Line. Left to right: Anne, Cynthia, Jane, Dick and Mike.

Did we see a "green flash"? Hmm, some did and some didn't.

Soon we are heading to St. Lucia where we wait for Meghan to arrive. Steve is beating me up in Cribbage. See the smug look on his face?

She arrives and we spend a few days in the harbor waiting for her suitcase. Why is it so hard to put a suitcase on a plane? After 48 hours and it finally shows up. It is a good thing too because

She had to borrow some of her Mommy's clothes. You look so sophisticated.

We rent a car and tour St. Lucia. We have not been to the windward side of this island before and we love the pretty small towns and beaches.

Pitons in the background.

Pretty countryside

Before we leave St. Lucia we anchor next to the Pitons. It is one of our favorite spots.

We make a long trip to the Tobago Cays. The beauty of the water is only surpassed by
the beauty underneath.
The Horseshoe Reef is spectaular. It offers protection to a small group of deserted islands. You can snorkel for days and not see the same thing twice.

The entire area is part of a marine park so you can only look, no hunting allowed.

A beautful conch shell. The occupant is hiding but he is home.

Another great looking conch.

Green Turtle coming up for a peek

Taking a stroll through the grass, Bon Apetite


Banded Butterflyfish

A May May

We find some land animals on one of the deserted islands. Not sure how this tortoise and his friends got here
The view from the top of the island. Fine Line is all the way to the left.


Taking a break and thinking about a swim again.

Next stop is Union Island where we seek refuge from a storm. The day after, however, it is pretty nice and Meghan enjoys some sun and a good book.

Union Island is home to Happy Island. Happy Island is made from Conch Shells and it has a great Happy Hour. We go to Happy Hour on Happy Island. Can't say that too fast after Happy Hour.
Meghan looks happy on Happy Island. Janti is the owner/builder/bartender/BBQ specialist.

He gives Meghan a good twirl on the dance sand. He likes your style girl.

Escape from Happy Island takes us to Chatham Bay. A great bay to just relax, walk on the beach and

have a mango juice while you float.

Just a hop and a skip away is the island of Mayreau. There are goats everywhere This pretty Catholic church sits at the highest point of the island The view is to the south east with part of the Horseshoe Reef visible and the island of Petite St. Vincent in the distance.

We head back to Bequia and it is almost time for Meghan to leave. Time to wind down

And hang out

Eat a great meal at the Devil's Table

He's gonna miss you

Bye Meghan

Bequia ferry to St. Vincent....first leg of a long trip home.

Now there is only two of us again. Time to move south to Grenada and then we will explore new cruising grounds to the west.

Anne and Steve

S/V Fine Line