Friday, January 19, 2007

The Road to Ft.Lauderdale

This is a popular fishing spot by Peck Lake in Jupiter FL. The water is a balmy 75 degrees and beautiful aqua colored. Peck Lake is a popular anchorage about 200 feet away from the ocean separated by a small spit of land with lots of Mangrove Trees.

We took advantage of the deserted beach, good waves and warm water. Steve is sporting his "invisible" bathing suit for a morning body surfing session.

Fine Line at anchor in Peck Lake. We would have stayed longer but the nasty "no-see-ums" ate us alive. We are having a bite contest. So far, Anne is the winner with 25 + bites.

This is the view from the anchorage trail to the beach.
From here we headed south to Lake Worth in West Palm Beach. We stayed one day to wait out rain and wind. Thursday we left at 0645 for Ft. Lauderdale. It took us 10 hours to motor 55 miles. We passed under 23 bridges that required opening for our tall mast. Some bridges open every 30 minutes and some on request. Some bridge operators are nice and some are grumpy....we try to be really friendly because they can ruin your day.
We are right downtown in Old Ft. Lauderdale. There are many megayachts here and great eateries. We will hang out here for a week or so and then head south to check out South Beach in Miami.

Over and out from the crew and the skipper.

PS, Steve dropped his cell phone in the head. He fished it out but it is not quite right? Call Anne's cell if you need to speak with him or Anne, 760-473-1221. He is not allowed to take my phone to the head so leave a msg. if we don't answer.

Crew/cell phone cop

Sunday, January 14, 2007

Adios Vero Beach

All good things must come to an end they say so we say farewell to Vero Beach, Riverside Bar and Wharf, City Bus, Friends and critters. We are afraid if we do not leave soon we will have a permanent address and that's not in our plans. Monday we are heading south and hope to get to Lauderdale by end of the week. We will make a few stops along the way to see sites friends have told us about.
Not sure about the outcome of the Charger game yet(still 4th quarter) but for what it's worth, the gang at Riverside Bar were rooting for SD. Go Chargers.

Adios from the Captain and the first mate.

Sunday, January 07, 2007

Vero Beach Pictures

This is a shot of our two boat mates. We are all tied together and then tied to one mooring. The boat on the far right is the home of the Kitty Bandit. Fine Line is on the left

The solo boat is a large power cat of aluminum. No paint. It is moored right behind us and we would love a tour.....we keep going by there by have not met the owners yet.

The bridge is in front of our boat and we get the most spectacular sunsets. The bridge lights up at night and is festive to look at. There is minimal traffic.

Steve at the helm munching on his favorite snack, dried mangoes from Costco. They must be from Costco, no imposters accepted.

2 AM Intruder

We are in Vero Beach Florida. Beautiful country and great marina. We are on a mooring ball rafted to two other catamarans. There is a nice restaurant with happy hour, live music and happy patrons within earshot. Not a problem for us because we seem to be very tired and dead to the world at the end of the day. Surprisingly enough, however, Anne heard a loud thump in the main cabin at 2 AM on Saturday morning. Still partly asleep, she assumed it was Steve up an around but when she yelled his name he answered right next to her. He had been sound asleep but was now also wide awake. He had not heard a thing but decided to go take a look in case something had hit the boat. Part way up into the cabin he was confronted by the intruder. Calling for help to Anne sent the four legged bandit zooming around the cabin and down into the other hull. Once all had calmed down, the meowing began. We had a cat onboard! Seems one of the boats we are rafted to has a big boat cat that jumped through one of our open hatches. It took us a while to coax Kitty out of the cabin and once outside, he made a beeline for the bow and jumped boat to boat to get back home. Steve and Anne, on the other hand, spent the next hour trying to calm down and go back to sleep. We had no choice but to sleep in the next morning.

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Happy New Year

New Years Eve was a quiet night onboard Fine Line. We watched Harry Potter with Meghan, great movie.
We met this cute alligator on January 1. Fortunately he/she was in a docile mood!
We had not expected to spend so much time in Titusville, FL but we kept discovering fun things to do: Kennedy Space Center, Cocoa Beach, Cape Canaveral Seashore, etc.
We leave for Melbourne tomorrow (Wednesday). Meghan is flying home from Orlando on Thursday and then we will move south a bit faster. We hope to get to Ft. Lauderdale by early next week. The weather has been great, a little rain but warm, good thing we brought lots of shorts.

Happy New Year from the captain and the first mate.