Sunday, June 05, 2011

Panama City

We have left our boat in Shelter Bay Marina on the Caribbean side of Panama. We are flying back to San Diego for a visit. The airport is in Panama City, on the Pacific side of Panama. Looks a bit like Miami?

Panama City is very cosmopolitan. It is a city of towering skyscrapers competing with each other for not only height but also unique architectural design. This is where the rich and famous come to play including Donald Trump and his new Trump Tower.

Down the road from the towers you can find Casco Viejo, the Old Town. In various stages of restoration, it reminds us alot of the Walled City of Cartagena. It is very charming.

The old comes in various states of disrepair

And yet they stand regally

Old splendor

The jungle is always lurking and waiting to move in

Television anyone?

a wall painting of past political history

Looks just like our friend Sid on the sailboat "Paradise".

Down the street from the Old City is the mariscos del mercado (seafood market)
Don't come here unless you like fish and all their delightful aromas.

Looking down on the seafood market from the upstairs restaurantWhatever you want from the sea you can find it here

Ceviche anyone?

Looking back at the Old City from the seafood market. There is a series of dungeons and old passageways below the buildings

The local fishing fleet

Panama City is a great place to visit
But we can't wait to see San Diego!!

Anne and Steve
S/V Fine Line