Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Hash Anyone?

One of the more interesting social events we have enjoyed here in Grenada is Hashing. Hashers are best described as "drinkers with a running problem". Here is some interesting facts about Hashing:

Hashing, as we know it today, began in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, in 1938, when a group of restive British company men started a hare & hounds running group. They named the group after their meeting place, the Selangor Club, aka the "Hash House." Hash House Harrier runs were patterned after the traditional British public school paper chase. A "hare" would be given a short head start to blaze a trail, marking his devious way with shreds of paper, soon to be pursued by a shouting pack of "harriers." Only the hare knew where he was going . . . the harriers followed his marks to stay on trail. Apart from the excitement of chasing down the wily hare, solving the hare's marks and reaching the end was its own reward, for there, thirsty harriers would find a tub of iced-down beer.

Here is Grenada you are assured of a few things when Hashing: It will rain right before or during the Hash making all trails muddy, slippery and downright treacherous.

There will be beer, rum and local food waiting for you upon your return.

So off we go, nice and clean, with our old and new friends.

The trail is not too bad in the begining. Nobody is thinking about turning back. As we progress into the hills it gets a bit steeper and slippery. Still not worth turning back....yetIt does not take long, however, before you begin cursing. You curse yourself first for going on another Hash. Then you curse the person that set the trail...what were they thinking? Are they trying to kill us? Do they have insurance? Do I have insurance against stupidity?? And, ofcourse, now there is no turning back.
One muddy trail leads to another. Mud is everywhere: in our shoes, in our socks, on our pants, on our shirts and in places I am not even going to mention.And just when you think the worst is behind realize there is more

Why would a sensible person participate? For the cute t-shirt ofcourse.

This particular Hash was number 600. There was a bit of British pomp and circumstance surrounding the entire event. Awards were handed out right and left and unique "Hash" names were bestowed on certain participants. Our favorite was "Mountain Goat". He is 63 years old, hikes 25 miles per day, has rowed around Grenada twice and has climbed the highest peak in Grenada 150 times.
Notice how clean he is in this photo. Is this a before or after picture?

This is an after picture.It took a few days to clean up the shoes. The socks get thrown out. There is another Hash in two weeks. Can't wait!

Anne and Steve
S/V Fine Line