Friday, May 15, 2009

Where Have You Been?

They say "time flies when you are having fun". It is true, where did the last month go?

Dana came to visit us on April 1 in St. Thomas, US Virgin Islands. She has finished Nursing School. She is ready to have fun!

Dana and Steve found a big school of little fish
And a little school of big Tarpins. Tarpins are ugly and scary looking so..... Anne stayed inside the dinghy, thanks
.10 days later Meghan showed up. Yep, she was invited. It was spring break for our first grade teacher and she needed a break. Go crazy Meghan!!

Dana, a bit more conservative, can't resist the jumpAnd even though they are adult women with real jobs they still know how to torment each other. Please don't drown you little sister Meghan.
. We visited some "old haunts". The Soggy Dollar Bar on the island of Jost Van Dyke is thus named since a lot of customers jump off their boats and swim to shore for a famous "pain killer" drink. When money is pulled out of the swim suit it is soggy wet.....nice
Who wouldn't want to swim ashore here???Lot's of fun ashoreHere is the formula: beautiful water+rum drink+sunshine=happy face Another favorite stop is the Baths on the island of Virgin Gorda. Years ago, large boulders were strewn in the water by a big monster. Nicely done.

You can hike all around, in and out, over and under.

Cheers A favorite spot is Waterlemon Cay in Leinster Bay, St. John

The water is beautiful and the snorkeling is great

Turtle with a couple of hitchhikers
Met a cool pirate on our trip . Michael Bean is a Pirate With A Purpose. He puts on a great show and spends lots of time traveling to Haiti where he helps needy children. Sort of a Robin Hood Pirate.

Steve won the conch horn blowing contest.He was excited. And just a FYI, Steve will dance and blow a horn for rum

Then it was time for the girls to go home and it was time for us to do some maintenance and repairs on Fine Line. Sure, you think all we do is have fun but here is a sample of our to-do-list:

  • Take down and haul sails to sail loft for repairs

  • Replace water pump on starboard engine

  • Replace bilge pump

  • Rebuild sump pump

  • Paint bathrooms (2)

  • Paint staterooms (2)

  • Replace bungee cord on trampoline

  • Wash hull

  • Clean barnacles on props

  • etc, etc, etc
When we finished we put Fine Line in a marina in St. Thomas

We flew home to San Diego, CA on May 2. We are visiting, shopping, visiting and shopping.

We will return to St. Thomas on May 20th and then we have two great friends joining us for a week. Welcome Darlene and Doug.

Anne and Steve

S/V Fine Line