Friday, May 21, 2010

6 Months Later...

It is time to go back to Fine Line. We are on that plane Tuesday morning.

The past six months have been the busiest of our lives. We have accomplished many things, all good. The best was helping our daughter buy her first home.

Thanks Dad!

A little celebration was in order to show off the new house.

Kelly, friend and neighbor, helping in the new kitchen

Meghan's friends brought good cheer and good beer

Joe manned the BBQ

Scotty charmed us all

Al, Connie and Ralph

Steve set up a Bimini Ring Toss game.

The real story, however, began with a cute little house that needed some updating. Dad, can you help me with that? What a silly question! Of course I can.

The kitchen needed a facelift and the tile flooring was not to the new homeowners was ugly.

So the kitchen was obliterated and the floors ripped up. 10 weeks later the place looked amazing. The bathrooms were updated from this to

this. New cabinets and new granite counter tops, wow!

The old kitchen

And the new kitchen

The fireplace underwent a transformation from this to

This. Nicely done Captain!

The house was very cute when she first found it but

It is much cuter now

6 months on land and 5 suitcases later, it is time to leave. Destination: Curacao. See you there.

Anne and Steve
S/V Fine Line