Friday, November 07, 2008

The Package

We have been in Grenada since August 1, give or take a few days. It is nice here. It is safe from hurricanes, most of the time. Here is a photo of Omar passing over us in October. It became a tropical storm a day later and then turned into a hurricane. It did damage to some of islands to the north of us but left us unscathed. Omar is the big orange/blue blob and Grenada is to the right of the small orange blob.

But at the end of October alot of people get restless and head back north to the Virgin Islands. We were also getting a bit restless and decided to head north to find a long lost package.

Getting stuff shipped to the islands is an adventure. You can never be sure it will reach you in a timely manner and sometimes it just disappears. We had ordered some boat items from Australia and South Africa and had hoped to receive them in St. Martin. We had to leave before they arrived so friends had picked them up for us on their boats but we could never quite seem to connect. Finally both packages were left in St. Vincent, just a bit north of Grenada. We planned a nice little trip north to get the loot.

It felt great to be underway. We put out our fishing poles and got lucky. Steve reels them in while Anne slows the boat down.

This is a Black Fin Tuna. Great eating raw or cooked.Two Black Fin tunas and one Kingfish later

our freezer was getting full.

We lost one lure to a nice Wahoo. He broke our line and took off so we had no choice but to head for Bequia for new cedar plugs (our favorite lure).

Bequia is one of our favorite islands. It is very beautiful. It did sustain a small amount of damage from storm surge during Omar but the islanders are busy cleaning up. Bequia is a favorite place for boaters to go during the Christmas holidays.

The water is beautiful and refreshing

The locals are into sailingOn our return trip we stopped at Saltwhistle Bay on the island of Mayreau. It is like paradise here. The island of Canouan is in the background.

Back in Grenada, we are enjoying our new silicone candles from Australia. Powered by batteries so no worries about fires onboard. Life is good.

See You Soon,

Anne and Steve

S/V Fine Line