Friday, July 15, 2011

Having Fun In San Diego

Coming home to San Diego for a visit during summer is a bit of a gamble. The month of June is known as "June Gloom" and is typically foggy and cold. But not this June. It is beautiful here. The flowers are blooming

And the beach is sunny and inviting. Too bad the water is so cold, 65 degrees.

Steve immediately put on his contractors outfit and got busy

And Anne went out to lunch with niece Sunny and good friend Sue

Being away from our house means lots of catch up when we are home. Some jobs are more fun than others


Visiting with Sister-In-Law Carol


Laying new tile in the walkway


Cooking in my BIG kitchen


Steve does take a day off once in awhile

4th of July at friends Sue and Tony's house.

Definitely FUN!

Tony enjoying the great weather

Friend Jasmine

Trying out our new camera .


Nice day hanging out.

Lots of FUN

4th of July

4th of July fireworks

Great sunset from the green flash

Being home means we get to celebrate Dana's birthday


Make a wish Dana

The big construction project was at Meghan's house. Steve is wearing a mason's hat today.

He is having


While Steve plays Mason, Anne visits the family in San Pedro. These two cuties are my sister's granddaughters. Since I don't have any I admire hers.


6 weeks pass quickly and we are heading back to Fine Line next week. There are so many great things about being home. We have the best friends and it is hard to say goodbye

Pirates Pat and Ron

Daughters Meghan, Dana and niece sunny

Sister Lisa, me, mom Sunny and sister Lene.

Thanks everyone for all the FUN

See you in Panama July 21.

S/V Fine Line