Monday, January 21, 2013

Back In Guatemala

We would be lying if we didn't confess that leaving Carlsbad was hard. Carlsbad is a great town. California is a beautiful state and we love the USA. But it was cold and the flu was coming to town. With bags packed full of boat supplies, favorite foods and new bathing suits, we walk out the door and head to the airport.

 After a 5 hour plane ride and 5 hour bus ride we arrive at our boat, Fine Line. It looks great. Just how we left it.
 We did not, however, escape the flu. Less than 48 hours after we arrive we are prostrate on our bunk with coughs, colds and fever. We long for someone, anyone to bring us some chicken soup. Waaaaa
The weather has also turned on us. Torrential rain followed two beautiful sunny teaser days. And then the temperatures plummeted.
 Why was our suitcases full of shorts, tank tops and swimsuits when we really need fleece and foul weather gear??
 While we recover our health we are also working on the health of our boat.Soon we will be the proud new owners of 6 deep cycle batteries. Our batteries are coming from Florida to Honduras and then to us. They will be well traveled. We are hoping to see them in 3 weeks.
In the meantime we are enjoying the beautiful flora and fauna at Mario's Marina on the Rio Dulce River.

 Wishing I had someone to shimmy up the papaya tree for me. Where are you Meghan and Dana??
 Unlike in the US, nothing gets thrown away here. Everything will serve a new purpose someday. Lots of treasure sit and wait for their next call of duty.
 Every morning and evening this beautiful Egret fishes behind our boat.
 A short distance from our boat is the small village of Esmeralda. The nice people who work at Mario's Marina live here. They walk to work. There are very few cars in the village and the single dirt road is frequently a muddy mess.
 There is a rubber tree plantation in Esmeralda.
 Drip, drip, drip
 The houses are small
 Esmeralda has a school
 And a church
 As with many buildings, they are never quite finished. The floor is shiny tile and we wonder how many people slip and slide when it rains? Enter with care but if you fall you are on your own. There are no trial lawyers here that work on commission.

Sunday's classroom.
 We love the simplicity of life here.
Since we are waiting for out batteries we have decided to have some canvas work done. Maybe we will take a land trip somewhere? We will let you know.

Adios and here is to your health,

Anne and Steve
S/V Fine Line