Thursday, February 16, 2012

We have parked ourselves in Roatan. It is beautiful here. The water is crystal clear, the weather is nice, the people are great and there are lots of boaters here to socialize with. The island of Roatan is one of three islands known as the Bay Islands. I circled Roatan in red. We are near the mainland but not too close. Roatan is much safer than the mainland, whew! The island of Guanaja is to the right of Roatan and that is where the story begins.
We arrived in Guanaja first and enjoyed some great diving.
But first we have to show you one of the local beers: Barena. This is Anne's favorite. It is light and not bitter. There are other beers but since Steve prefers Rum and Coke, you will have to wait a bit to see what other brews the Hondurans make.
One of the local islands has tropical birds in cages. We don't particularly like the cage but the Toucan is beautiful.

Our new Canon PowerShot S95 with an underwater housing takes great shots. Anne checking out the bottom in one of our first Guanaja dives.
Blue Tang

                                         Tube coral with a Brittle Star hiding inside
We see alot of Lion Fish here.
French Angelfish

                                                                    Juvenile Drumfish
A perfect sail from Guanaja to Roatan on February 3rd.
Our first stop is Calabash Bight. A great anchorage and Turtle Grass marina makes you feel very welcome. Thanks Mark and Lori (house on the hill).
More diving. Yes, this is a fish. Can you see it? The Scorpion Fish has great camouflage
A little different angle

                  Another Lion Fish, beautiful but venomous. It also eats everything in it's path.
Crystal clear water and beautiful reef
Queen Angel Fish
Spiny Lobster, AKA dinner!
Hawksbill Turtle

Squid, AKA Calamari


Gray Snapper
Rock Beauty (look at those lips)
  Green Moray Eel, he was very curious and we were very surprised
because he followed us wherever we went
                                                          just begging for a handout!
We never planned to become divers but we do enjoy it alot and we are glad we got an opportunity to get certified while in Bonaire two years ago. Between the Bay Islands and Belize we will get to dive some of the best places in the world. Lucky us!

See you next time

Anne and Steve
S/V Fine Line