Friday, April 20, 2007

Dirty Bottom

For my birthday Steve took me to the Marsh Harbor Boat Yard. He told me we had a dirty bottom? Not a nice thing to say but he was right.We backed into a narrow canal and a big crane pulled Fine Line out with the anxious captain watching.
Sure enough, the bottom was shot. No paint left but lots of cute little marina animals were calling Fine Line home.

After 4 days of prep and paint, the boat looks new. We splurged and had the hulls waxed. Happy Birthday.
Captain Clean and Anne

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Sampling The Rum

The islands are known for their rum punch. Not all rum punches are created equal, however, as Meghan found out after sampling a rather tasty "Grabbers Punch" on Great Guana Cay. We wasted no time getting Derek up to speed on Rum Punch. Here we are introducing him to "Nippers Punch" on the Atlantic side of Great Guana Cay. Pineapples is on Green Turtle Cay and has many rum drinks on their menu. They also have a great "happy hour".Sending the cute young girl up to the bar generally gets you a better deal. Meghan practiced her technique at Pineapples and it paid of for Mom and Dad.

See how happy dad is!

And Mom is happy too.
Another popular place on Green Turtle Cay is Miss Emily's Blue Bee Bar. The story goes that Miss Emily, a Christian teetotaler, came up with the lethal "Goombay Smash" about 20 years ago when she was fooling around with mixes of rum and punch. Her daughter now runs the place and guards the family secret recipe. What is a "teetotaler"??
The inside of Miss Emily's place is decorated with business cards, t-shirts and other interesting items patrons have left behind as they enjoy the Goombay Smash.
Please don't think that all we do is run from bar to bar....because we don't, we generally walk because running in our flip flops is hard.
Here is to your health,
The Fine Line crew and guests.